Signs That Your Trailer Needs Professional Truck & Trailer Repair

Signs That Your Trailer Needs Professional Truck & Trailer Repair

Companies from different parts of the country depend on trucks for transporting their goods. Trucks follow particular time schedules and this makes truck repair very important to the industry. Truck and trailer repair have been completely transformed by technology. It has made the repair process much faster and increased the accuracy when it comes to identifying issues/areas that require repairs.

Technology solutions as simple as smartphones have helped the truck & trailer repair business in different ways. It is now easy to reach a repair shop manager to approve any additional work thus speeding up the process significantly. Previously, technicians had to wait until the manager was in the office or available.

Technology has also helped in truck and trailer repair through the advancements in diagnostics. When professional truck & trailer repair technicians are trying to identify the source of the problem within a truck or trailer, they can use their computers to run diagnostics. Today’s truck has sensors all around that help to pinpoint the exact issue fairly quickly.

Technology plays an important role in truck repair and continually improves the efficiency of the job. The ability to make repairs more quickly transforms the entire repair industry in a big way and even the trucking industry at large. Repairs are now done more efficiently and quickly and this translates to drivers spending less time waiting for their trucks to be serviced or repaired. In turn, they are able to make their deliveries on time.

Trailer Repair

Trailers require as much inspection, repairs, and routine maintenance as the truck towing them do. The advancements in technology might have made diagnosing and repairing problems easier and faster. However, most of those efforts have unfortunately focused more on the truck and not the trailer.

Many people tend to ignore maintaining and repairing their trailers, which often becomes a safety and cost issue as time goes by. Failing to repair trailers can result in serious traffic accidents while trucks can lose control due to malfunctioning trailers.

Here are the top signs that your trailer requires repair:

1. If Your Inspection Sticker Is About To Expire

Constantly checking the expiry date on the safety inspection sticker is something that should always be on your to-do list. Safety inspection stickers are usually found on all trailers licensed to operate on public roads. The repair of your trailer needs to be done once the expiry date of the inspection stickers approaches.

2. Malfunctioning Lights

Flickering lights are in most cases due to an electrical short. If not repaired, they will eventually lead to a total failure of some or all your trailer lights. Malfunctioning lights can also lead to an accident and you need to ensure that they are promptly checked and fixed.

3. Malfunctioning Brakes

Malfunctioning brakes are some of the most common trailer problem that requires repair. Many people, particularly those that operate commercial vehicles tend to over-utilize the trailer brakes. If the trailer brakes have an auto-adjust system, you should ensure that they work properly to avoid putting too much stress on the truck brakes. You should find a professional truck & trailer repair service to have malfunctioning brakes repaired.

4. Tire Defects

Examining the condition of your tires regularly is very important. You need to watch out for any bulges and leaks. To ensure that your tires are not either low on pressure or flat, you need to hit them after every few hours of driving using a tire hammer. If you find any problem, you need to get it checked at a professional repair shop without delay.

5. Audible Air Leaks

Audible air leaks are not something that you need to ignore if you don’t wish to incur major repair expenses later on. Moreover, it is definitely much cheaper to fix your air brakes in a repair shop as opposed to on the side of the highway. Failing to repair any air leaks can also lead to malfunctioning brakes.

6. Extremely Low Ball/Coupler Height

If you discover that your trailer’s front axle tires wear more than the ones at the rear, chances are high that the height of the coupler is probably too low. If this is the situation, you will require a higher insert for the hitch to level your trailer.

Final Thoughts

Technology has transformed the repairs of trucks and trailers. However, many people still ignore proper maintenance protocols for their trailers and instead focus on their trucks. It is important to take proper care and maintenance of both your truck and trailer if you don’t wish for your truck to get into nasty accidents.

If you use the trailer to carry heavy loads or use it frequently, you will need more than the standard servicing and repairs. You need to find a professional truck & trailer repair service for all your trailer repairs.

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